Current Project Proposals

Project 22-12: A Low-Carbon Concrete Mixture Proportioning Framework for Meeting States’ Global Warming Potential Requirements, $68,622 over 12 months, submitted by Colorado State University

Project 22-13: Embodied Carbon Reduction – Floor Loading Assumptions, Amount & Timeframe TBD, submitted by University of Colorado - Boulder

Project 22-14: Understanding Alkali Silicate Reaction through Synthetic Aggregate Testing, $130,000 over 24 months, submitted by Alfred University

Project 22-15: Developing a Ready Mixed Concrete Virtual Assistant for Optimal, Green and Affordable Concretes, $74,497 over 24 months, submitted by Clemson University

Project 22-16: Selecting Concrete Mixtures with Low Permeability, $60,000 over 18 months, submitted by NRMCA’s Research Laboratory

Project 22-17: Essential Concrete Materials Research to Optimize Use of 3DPC, $125,000 - $200,000 (depending on scope) over 12 – 24 months (depending on scope), Submitted by Ohio State University

Project 22-18: Examining the Abrasion and Carbonation Resistance of Portland Limestone Cement (PLC) Systems for Industrial Floors, $69,994 over 15 months, submitted by Temple University

Project 22-18 Letter of Support

Project 22-19: Research Project to Investigate ICF Wall Construction Meeting the Requirements of NFPA 285 – Phase II, $62,500 over 12 months – possibly more, submitted by NRMCA

Project 22-20: Communications and Customer Service Skills for Ready Mixed Concrete Operations Staff, $20,000 in 2023, submitted by NRMCA's Workforce Development Committee

Project 22-21: Developing a Virtual Reality Ready-Mix Concrete Truck Simulator & Training Program, Phase I: $178,000 over 24 months and Phase II: 116,000 over 18 months, submitted by Oklahoma State University

Project 22-22: Proposal to Enhance the Skate4Concrete Program by Promoting Advantages of Concrete’s Sustainability and Resilience, $44,000 in 2023, submitted by Project Cornerstone