Board of Trustees Online Meeting Materials

Below are materials that pertain to the Board of Trustees online meeting scheduled for Monday, November 7, 2022, from 9:00 a.m. Eastern. Should you have any questions, please contact Julie or Jennifer.

Meeting Link:

Meeting ID: 244 315 7367
Passcode: RMC

Post-Meeting Materials

Meeting PowerPoint

Cypress Private Wealth Presentation

Registration Link to the Joint NRMCA-PCA-NSSGA Convention

Skate4Concrete Video 1, Video 2, and Video 3

Details and Links for the Upcoming MIT CSHub Meetings:

  1. Executive Overview
    1. Date/Time: November 8, 12pm EST
    2. Focus: Updates on Hub activities and priorities
    3. Link:
  2. Spotlight on Carbon Neutral Work
    1. Date: November 15, 12pm EST
    2. Focus: Updates on carbon neutrality research activity (e.g., carbon uptake)
    3. Link:
  3. Resilience and Pavements Overview
    1. Date: December 2, 12pm EST
    2. Focus: Updates on resilience and pavements research activity (e.g., albedo, extreme climate events)
    3. Link:
  4. Research Presentations
    1. Date: December 8, 12pm EST
    2. Focus: Research assistants and postdocs present their research activity
    3. Link:

Original Meeting Materials


Minutes from the May 24, 2002, Board of Trustees Meeting

Administration Committee Nominees

Proposed Strategic Plan 2023 - 2025

Investment Management Update

Budget v Actual September 30, 2022, Financial Report

2023 Proposed Budget

Validation of Accounting Policies

Summary of Proposals For Consideration

Communications Update

Reference Documents - Items for Reference Only

Antitrust Statement

Board of Trustees Roster

Foundation Committees

Board of Trustees Job Description

Conflict of Interest Policy


Investment Policies

Link to All Current Project Proposals

*Note: Password for links is RMCREF1