Board of Trustees Fundraising Call Materials

The BOT Fundraising Call is scheduled for Friday, February 23 starting at 4:00 p.m. EST.  The dial-in number is 1-866-670-0780 and the conference code is 321587. If you are unable to participate on the call but have any feedback you would like to provide, please contact Julie or Jennifer. Links to materials below are in red.


  1. Roll Call, Welcome and Call to Order
  2. RMC Research & Education Foundation Antitrust Statement
  3. Campaign Update
  4. 2018 Olympic Fundraising Challenge
    • Main Page
    • List of All Grassroots Fundraisers
    • To have your own page set up, please provide Jennifer with:
      • A picture (preferably a headshot) to use or your company logo;
      • What your fundraising goal is;
      • Any specific text you would like used (otherwise generic text will be used); and
      • Please let Jennifer know if you want to receive code to be able to embed a link to your fundraising site to a website (social media links will be available from the page itself).
  5. Fundraising Targets
  6. Spring Online Meeting Date
  7. Adjournment