About the RMC Research & Education Foundation

Putting Research and Education into Practice

Since 1991, the RMC Research & Education Foundation has been putting the generous contributions of the concrete and construction community members to work to fund programs to improve quality, sustainability and professionalism in the ready mixed concrete industry.

The research and educational programs supported by the RMC Research & Education Foundation represent a broad spectrum of projects that are helping to keep the concrete industry on the cutting edge, and demonstrate that we are:

  • Devoted to recruiting new talent, and strengthening the education and training of current and future professionals within the industry,
  • Concerned with protecting the safety of our workforce,
  • Working toward improving the quality of concrete and concrete construction, and
  • Dedicated to sustainability, resilience and strong environmental stewardship.
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In early 2016, the RMC Research & Education Foundation was presented with a historic opportunity.  The Troesh Family Foundation has pledged a major gift of $3M over five years, with a 3:1 matching requirement and challenge to the industry. The Foundation must raise $9M over the next five years to take full advantage of the $3M Troesh gift.  The combined $12M goal will fully fund the Foundation’s endowment at current spending levels, forever.

All contributions to the RMC Research & Education Foundation are fully tax deductible and pledges can be made over time, but are recognized in full at the time they are made. Most companies and individuals have made five-year pledges; however, donors can create payment schedules that meet their needs and preferences.  We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and our Federal Tax ID number is 52-1680963.

Should you have any questions about the Foundation, please contact us.

Board of Trustees for 2018

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