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Concrete Applications: Quality & Performance Track

P2P Initiative Resources


Optimizing Concrete Mixtures for Performance and Sustainability - With the research performed at NRMCA's Research Lab, this report examines how reducing or eliminating minimum cementitious materials requirements in mixtures will allow for more flexibility in achieving better performance and a more sustainable design.


Evaluation of Performance-Based Alternatives to the Durability Provisions of ACI 318 Building Codes - This project, performed at NRMCA's Laboratory, seeks to increase the implementation of performance-based specifications that will be accepted by state highway agencies and the industry. It was part of a larger pooled-fund study in the development of performance criteria for concrete that will be resistant to penetration of chlorides, cycles of freezing and thawing, and sulfate attack.    


Quality Management System for Ready Mixed Concrete Companies - The QMS is a tool that will assist ready mixed concrete companies with creating their own quality plan and includes a sample plan for a fictitious RMC company.


Model Performance Spec Phase II: Guide to Specifying Concrete Performance - This guide specification was written specifically for the provisions of ACI 318-08, Building Code for Structural Concrete and is intended to address properties or requirements for ready mixed concrete based on performance. It covers requirements for concrete that are not addressed in ACI 318.


Model Performance Spec Phase I: Preparation of a Performance-Based Specification for Cast-In-Place Concrete - Phase I of this project includes a literature review and identifies the methods for the development of a guide to specifying concrete performance.


Experimental Case Study Demonstrating the Advantages of Performance Specifications - This final report outlines the results of a laboratory study designed to show the advantages of performance-based criteria over prescriptive requirements in concrete specifications.



Pervious Concrete/Sustainable  Development Resources

Pervious concrete and other sustainable development resources such as the Crushed Concrete Aggregate study fall both under the Environment, Health & Safety Track as well as the Concrete Applications Track. To view our available pervious concrete/sustainable development resources, please view our Environment, Health & Safety Track section by clicking here.


Other Concrete Applications Projects


Revised Life-365 Software Now Available for Download - The Life-365 software, information, and instructions are available for download from here. The software, designed to estimate the service life and life-cycle costs of alternative concrete mixture designs proportions, life-cycle costs of alternative concrete mixture designs proportions and corrosion protection systems. Here is an update from May 2014.

Other Concrete Applications Projects continued


Guide to Concrete Overlays of Asphalt Parking Lots - This guide provides information and guidance in areas including, but not limited to, assessing the integrity of the exiting pavement, selecting project candidates, pavement design principles and design life, managing parking lot drainage, and dealing with entry evaluations of adjacent buildings. Additional Feature: AutoCAD files that complement this Guide are now available. Please click here to access them.


Erosion Design Reports - The goal of these reports is to help designers assess whether the natural, compacted subgrade at a project site is adequate for long-term pavement performance or if subgrade stabilization or a subbase is required to meet design criteria.


Design Methodology for Subgrades and Bases Under Concrete Roads and Parking Lots


Test Methods & Results of Erosion Potential of Commonly Used Subgrade and Base Materials


PDF of Both of the Above Reports Combined


Examination and Evaluation of ACI 347.3R-13 "Guide to Formed Concrete Surfaces" - This report was funded by the American Society of Concrete Contractors Education, Research & Development Foundation, the ACI Foundation and the RMC Research & Education Foundation.

Hurricane Katrina Forensic Study - The full study is too large for download but is available on CD or as a hardcopy. An Abstract and Executive Summary is available for download.

Building Information Modeling Strategic Plan Completed - The Strategic Development Council (SDC) of the American Concrete Institute's ACI Foundation has released the Building Information Modeling (BIM) Strategic Plan. The development of the Strategic Plan was funded by the RMC Research & Education Foundation and the Charles Pankow Foundation. The Strategic Plan may be accessed here.

National Institute of Standards and Technology's Virtual Cement and Concrete Testing Laboratory Consortium - Information on the VCCTL project at NIST may be viewed here. Educational VCCTL software may be accessed here. Another resource - Modeling and Measuring the Structure and Properties of Cement-Based Materials - may be found here.

A webinar on the VCCTL and its successful application took place on June 3, 2013. You can click here to access the recorded webinar on YouTube. Dr. Vichit-Vadakan's webinar presentation may be accessed here. You may also view the panelists' presentations below:


Dr. Jeffrey Bullard

Mr. Jon Belkowitz

Dr. Wilasa Vichit-Vadakan


SCC Formwork Pressure Study Reports Available - The final report is too large to make available for download but an Executive Summary is available. Copies of the report on CD may be requested by contacting Jennifer LeFevre. A Progress Report and Task I Report on the Self-Consolidating Concrete Formwork Pressure Study were made available earlier. The study, co-funded by the RMC Research & Education Foundation and ACI's Strategic Development Council, is a joint project in cooperation with Sherbrooke University, Purdue University, Northwestern University and CTL Group. 


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